Divorce sucks. I help make it suck less.

While I do coach women as well as men as a divorce coach, I can be particularly helpful to men going through a divorce. Men tend to be less likely to readily share their feelings, and are usually more comfortable opening up to another man, if they're going to open up and get help. That's why I wrote this ebook, and I offer it to be helpful to men facing the challenges of divorce.


Don’t struggle through divorce alone


Divorce is traumatic.
Like the death of a loved one, it’s the death of a marriage. Even in amicable divorces, there are unexpected emotions.
Stress, sadness, maybe some anger and even a little bit of guilt. As much as you try and contain these emotions, they will inevitably spill into other parts of your life.
Among all the other fees and financial pressures that come with divorce, you may think hiring a divorce coach is a waste.
All the fees, the cost of lawyers, the price of the mediator... that is money you have to spend to get through the legal process.

This is different. Divorce coaching is an investment in you, your children and your future – an investment into handling your divorce in a way your future self will admire and setting yourself up for a better next chapter.
My clients better handle the stress, make crucial decisions with their clearest mind, and get a better perspective on the future.

What Makes My Coaching Different?

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I’ve been through a divorce.
It was pretty amicable and I’ve seen marriages with much worse endings, but it was still a very emotional time for me, my kids, my ex-wife, and our families.


I made mistakes. Now, I help others who are going through divorce deal with the issues and emotions that come with this challenging experience.
I am remarried and understand that marriage takes a lot of communication and a lot of hard work to be successful.
After years as a practicing psychotherapist, I’ve shifted my focus to coaching those going through a divorce and struggling couples who haven’t given up on making it work.
As a coach, I don’t see my clients as having a diagnosis or being sick, but rather as regular people facing a challenging time in their life.

I know that this experience brings out a lot of emotions and oftentimes brings out the worst in people. But it doesn’t have to be so bad.

Now, I help my clients best handle their stress and emotions through the divorce process and prepare themselves for a better next chapter.

I’m here to listen



The most important aspect in any coach is being an attentive listener. I help my clients by listening to them and understanding their situation.



Going through a divorce, it is important to prepare for the next chapter. I help my clients clear their minds of the hatred, the anger, the hurt and the resentment so they can make better decisions when working with their lawyer or mediator.



I help my clients with my understanding of the process of divorce. I’ve been there before, in my own divorce and helping people as their coach.

Create a better next chapter